Ballroom On The Square
Where Dancers Learn
355 West Chestnut Street - 3rd Floor
Lancaster, PA 17603




***Classes are from 4:30-5:30 pm and 6:00-7:00 pm***

**All group classes are open to the public, all are welcome**

Classes are designed and based on methods to improve your dances, style, movement and look.

Every week starts a new dance and combination

Classes are $20.00 / person per class

Classes, Schedule and Events

Ballroom on the Square is an appointment based, non-contract studio. All lessons are scheduled at your convenience 7 days a week.
Most Lessons are private and completely customized to your wishes and aspirations within Ballroom.

There is nothing more fun than creating your own event!

Set up your own group class with your family, friends or colleagues and get to know more about each other on the dance floor!
We'll teach you and yours in a fun and exciting way and we'll even cater your party.

Group Classes are taught on Sundays. You do not need a dance partner to come to these classes, there is always an extra lady or gentlemen around to dance with you :)
These classes focus on the basics in all the dances, and are perfect for those who would like to get started with Ballroom or would like to revisit some of the basic techniques.

In order to join us you will need to call to reserve your space in the class for that Sunday.

Below is the schedule of Group Classes

Classes are $20.00per person / Class.

Classes will be taught by Ken, or Barbra and Leraunt