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The Team

Barbra has been dancing most of her life. She has been an professional teacher since 1983. As an accomplished competitor, Barbra has been recognized with top student awards from coast to coast.
Being trained in the Mecca of the ballroom world, she has received coaching from many top notable judges and world winning competitors.

Ken has been dancing for more then 10 years.
Professional since 2004, Ken has been competing pro-am ever since he received a top teacher award at a nationally recognized competition.  Formerly with the United States Army, Ken now thrives on the dance floor.

Leraunt, originally from The Netherlands, has been competing in the United States since 2008
He got his first teaching experience in Cape Town, South Africa in 2002 and fell in love with Competitive Ballroom shortly upon meeting Barbra.
He received Top Student Award at a nationally recognized competition and has great desire to be successful in Ballroom.
While competing with Barbra he works as the Office Manager for Ballroom on the Square.